architectural design services

Mansion & House Design

Weather you are looking to build or renovate a Mansion / house that fits your needs and taste, we can provide you with a design that exceeds your expectations at every level. At Bahar Design we proud ourselves in designing the most elegant Mansions. It might be a mansion but it is first and foremost your home. From the master plan to the smallest detail, we make sure the design reflects your unique taste and personality.

Apartment Building Design

In designing commercial real estate we always keep a keen eye on Return on Investment (ROI).Whether you are looking to develop a small 2 story apartment building or an apartment complex or a high effeciency 10+ story tower, Bahar Design delivers.

Townhouse Design

From design of a handful of magnificent townhouses by the sea to planning of a large mixed-use community with hundereds of units, our team of talented designers can help realize your goals at every step. Our vast experience enable us to analyze your requirements, guide the process of creating detailed specification and finally produce a design that exceeds your highest expectations.

High-rise Design

RESEDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL: From 3,4,5-star hotels to ultra-luxury residential towers, and quality office buildings, our unique iconic sustainable designs have lasting impressions.



Architectural design services

Residential, Commercial and Mixed-Use



With our walkthrough movies and photorealistic renderings you have the option of seeing what the building will look like prior to the build phase.